Dota 2 TI6 News: Best of Group Stage Day 2

We bring you our three favorite games of day 2.
We bring you our three favorite games of day 2. /

With there being a total of 56 games played in the Group Stage of TI6 alone, we’ve picked out some of our Day 2 favorites for your viewing pleasure.

The Group Stage has been chalk full of some amazing DotA, but even if you have a lot of spare time on your hands, 56 games is an awful lot of watching. Of the 20 games played on Day 2, I’ve chosen three in particular that there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll enjoy.

As a brief overview, Day 2 saw EG, OG, and Wings solidify their lead in Group A while Ehome and DC climbed to the top of Group B. Ehome’s position as leader in Group B is a nice change in pace from the usual suspects, especially since they entered the tournament as a Wild Card.

I hope that Ehome continues to impress, but without further ado, let’s take a look at my top three games of Day 2.

OG vs Wings

Miracle-‘s Anti-Mage was a lightning rod for hate in the match. He really gets targeted by Wings, and OG was further hampered by the lack of a means of keeping their Death Prophet (N0tail) alive in team battles.

From the start all the way through mid-game, advantage swings back and forth between the two teams until OG’s team is wiped at about minute mark 45. After that, Wings presses their advantage for the win.


This game was an hour and 12 minutes of fierce competition. When all was said and done, the total kills in this game numbered 117. EG held the advantage for most the game, but that didn’t stop TNC from fighting with every weapon they could lay their hands on.

Too bad it wasn’t enough to earn them victory over EG. Enjoy the mayhem.

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Navi vs LGD

I had no idea how this game would turn out while I was watching it. Exciting, right? Navi held advantage through much of mid-game, but LGD managed to turn things in their favor following a couple of team battles around minute marks 31 and 35.

It isn’t until Navi manages to remove all five of LGD’s heroes a little after 56:30 that they are able to seal the deal and beat LGD.

Be on the Lookout for More on TI6

The Main Event is only a day away, so if you’ve missed out on any of the action, now’s your time to catch up. As we draw closer to the end of TI6 and the multi-million dollar prize, expect more news on developments as they occur.