TI6 News: Thrilling Match between DC vs MVP

In a series of incredible games, this one will keep you on the edge of your seat.
In a series of incredible games, this one will keep you on the edge of your seat. /

Day 1 of the Group Stage of TI6 saw DC and MVP go blow for blow in an electrifying first game.

Exactly what I was thinking!
Exactly what I was thinking! /

There have been a staggering number of good games, and I’ll try to highlight a few more before the Main Event starts in earnest, but this has to be one of my favorite games of the Group Stage. This game was a brutal fight to the very last moment.

Interesting sidenote, in addition to this being a gripping game, it’s also the first game a Divine Rapier came into play. MVP farmed the item at the end of the game with hopes of turning the unending tide of DC’s mega creep, but in the end they couldn’t help being overrun.

Going into the start of the game, I felt like DC had a stronger lineup. They had good AOE and stun for Riki control, and a definite advantage in mobility with Morph, Mirana, and Batrider. Even so, the Slark, Axe, and Lifestealer combo of MVP would be no trifling matter.

With these kind of heroes, early game was be especially important for MVP. Bringing those tanks online is what helped MVP dominate so much of this game. The entire cast for this game includes…

The Lineup


  • Ogre Magi (Misery)
  • Oracle (Saksa)
  • Morphling (Revolut1on)
  • Mirana (w33)
  • Batrider (Moo)


  • Slark (QO)
  • Riki (Febby)
  • Axe (FoReV)
  • Lifestealer (MP)
  • Vengeful Spirit (DuBu)

The Game

DC never gives up. That’s the theme of this game. Sticking it out till the very end and being rewarded for it. It’s a good feeling, and I can’t think of a team more deserving that DC.

Though MVP looked to be in control for the overwhelming majority of the game, one small misstep spelled their doom. DC managed to coordinate an effective defense in their bottom lane and allow time for Resolut1on (Morphling) to push through top lane and tip the scales in their favor.

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Never Give up, Never Surrender!

DC has really been impressing me so far. After day 3 of the group stage, they took second place trailing behind Group B leader Ehome by a single point. I haven’t been shy about admitting that I’d rather be surprised than bored. I’m hoping that DC continues to surprise me.

We’ll be covering developments as they happen. I hope you’re enjoying TI6 as much as I am!