TI6 Pro Scene: EG Looking Concerned at OG’s Petrifying Lady

It's a good thing EG doesn't play poker.
It's a good thing EG doesn't play poker. /

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. This reaction pic of EG at OG’s final pick of the Group Stage of TI6 is worth at *least* a thousand.

A no-comeback comeback isn't much a comeback at all.
A no-comeback comeback isn’t much a comeback at all. /

Game 1 of EG vs OG, which took place on day 1 of the Group Stage, ended at 45 minutes with OG taking the win. Much of the game was in OG’s favor, though EG did manage a full team wipe at about minute mark 41:30 that left me hopeful there would be a comeback.

Too bad that wasn’t in the cards. Doesn’t everyone loves a comeback?

The Lineup


  • Crystal Maiden (ppd)
  • Queen of Pain (Suma1l)
  • Legion Commander (Universe)
  • Wisp (zai)
  • Lifestealer (Fear)


  • Ogre Magi (Fly)
  • Enchantress (Cr1t)
  • Drow Ranger (Miracle)
  • Batrider (Moon)
  • Medusa (N0tail)

The Smoking Gun

The photo, linked below, was first posted to Reddit. From the expressions on EG’s faces, you can see quite clearly they weren’t expecting this kind of last pick from OG.

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I’m not sure why they were surprised. Drow’s Precision Aura pairs nicely with Medusa and Enchantress’s ranged attacks. Not to mention, lately OG has demonstrated that they know how to utilize Drow combinations to deadly effect. Check out their 17 minute game against Alliance if you don’t believe me.

"EG’s Reaction To OG’s Last Pick Dusa from DotA2"

The photo shows a scruffy looking Fear with a look I describe as resigned, drawn, and concerned. His hand is playing with his collar, which doesn’t strike me as a gesture of one who is brimming with confidence. Maybe he could already feel the noose tightening. But best of all is the wide-eyed appearance of his seatmate, Zai.

If only Zai’s hand wasn’t in the way, I’m sure we’d see him sitting there, mouth agape, regretting the decisions that allowed the powerhouse combination of Drow/Enchantress/Dusa come to be. Reactions down the line are a little blurry, but none them appear to be confident heading in to the game.

Don’t let them see your, fear

Get your game faces on, EG! Especially you, Fear. You’re supposed to inspire your namesake in others, not succumb to it yourself. You’re representing North America. Fight fearlessly and without restraint.

With that, I bid you all a brief farewell. We’ll be posting more about the pro scene as things develop. Stay tuned!