Dota 2 Strategy: Doom Devour Guide

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Special thanks to Redditor DRHST for allowing us to include his graphic guide for the abilities gained by Doom’s skill, Devour. Anyone hungry?

If you’ve played DOTA even a little bit, you should be familiar with our good pal Lucifer, also known as Lucy or Doom. He’s a pretty versatile guy, with a skillset well suited to farming and jungling. But today, I want to talk about one of his skills in particular: Devour.

Really, we're all doomed in one way or another. It's all about acceptance.

Really, we’re all doomed in one way or another. It’s all about acceptance.

In case you’ve only just started out on your journey to DotA greatness, let me explain the mechanics of the ability. Devour makes Doom instantly swallow a non-hero, non-spell immune unit, giving him bonus gold once the unit is finished digesting. Doom can also gain special abilities from devouring certain units, which can give him extra utility/advantage, especially early game.

Our guide breaks down the abilities you can gain from neutral creep through this skill. We go through your options unit by unit, so you can choose the best target to Devour according to your situation. The edible creep that should be on your radar include small, medium, and large creep camps, located in the jungle. Ancient camps, being spell immune, won’t succumb to Devour.

Small Creep

These little fellas won’t offer too much resistance to even low level farming. There are four different kinds of creep that spawn: kobolds, hill trolls, ghosts, and harpies. Typically you can expect about 76 gold and 133 exp per creep location.

The following image marks the two small creep camps with yellow diamonds.

Get your bully on - go pick on some little guys.

Get your bully on – go pick on some little guys.

Go on and get yourself a snack

Now that you know where these guys like to hangout, you can target them for Devour-ment and steal their precious abilities for your own. Of the small creep, the ones we’ve found add particularly useful abilities to Doom’s skillset include the Kobold Foreman, Hill Troll Priest, and Harpy Stormcrafter.

But don’t take my word for it. Check the breakdown below.

So hungry... maybe just a small snack.

So hungry… maybe just a small snack.

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