Dota 2 Strategy: The Dumb and the Skillful

Gnomish machines are capable of incredible achievements and spectacular failures. Just like your luck game.Image used with permission by linxz2010 @
Gnomish machines are capable of incredible achievements and spectacular failures. Just like your luck game.Image used with permission by linxz2010 @ /

Let’s take a look at some instances of blind luck versus orchestrated opportunity in the second installment of our column, the dumb and the skillful.

It’s that time again! There’s almost nothing more amusing than watching everything come together or fall apart. Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry, but in other cases, a good call on your part can make the luck come to you.

We’ve all had our experiences with things going not as they should, and I’m sure most of you out there have had kills fall in your lap as well. With a tip of the hat to luck plays at TI6, let’s get started with…

The Dumb

In the last article, we took a look at dumb luck gone right. This time, I’d like us to take a moment to recognize dumb luck gone wrong. I’m talking about situations where you make the best play you possibly can, and things still don’t work out.

I’m comin’ for ya

In this clip we see Mirana in dire straits. Timbersaw is in hot pursuit, and things don’t look good. Right before the clip, Timber had reduced her health to virtually nothing with Whirling Death and Timber Chain. At that point, I think I would’ve given up, but Mirana unleashes every ability and beats trails.

Almost! Almost!! Almost!!! ... nope.
Almost! Almost!! Almost!!! … nope. /

I don’t think a single one of us, if playing timber, would have given up on that kill. It even looks like he would’ve gotten her, had his attack animation not been interrupted while close to the tower. Good juking on Mirana’s part, and I can’t say Timber made any false moves, but alas, luck was against him.

In case you’re wondering, a second after the clip ends, Mirana puts an arrow right between Timber’s eyes for the kill. I guess I should’ve expected a woman riding a giant, carnivorous cat to have nerves of steel.

The Skillful

Prime the explosives!

I just about died when I saw this one. Techies make a beeline for the kill. That’s about when I thought I was wasting my time watching this play out. But then, a surprise! Suicide Squad Attack leaves a sliver of health remaining. This is where orchestrated luck pays off.

Thinking ahead. Who'd have thunk that would work out?
Thinking ahead. Who’d have thunk that would work out? /

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a pure luck situation. But if there hadn’t been an illusion rune, if the creep wave had been different and the illusion been seen, or even if a different path of retreat had been used, the kill might have been missed.

Yes, luck smiles upon those with the ability to think ahead.

“Send us your dumb and your skillful,” ~ the Statue of Liberty

Much like the quote above by good ol’ Lady Liberty, here at DireDota HQ, we want to feature your dumb luck and skillful luck plays! Not only will we post them here on the site, we’ll also give you (and your guild/team, if you so desire) a shout out.

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