Top 10 Position 5 (hard support) Heroes

"You shall. Not. CAST!" ~ direct quote from Omni.Used with permission by unrealsmoker @
"You shall. Not. CAST!" ~ direct quote from Omni.Used with permission by unrealsmoker @ /
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Position 5 is pivotal for any team that wants to have a shot at the big leagues. DireDota HQ has come up with our top 10 hard support heroes so you know who to pick when responsibility falls to you.

Deep breaths. It's ok. I'm here with you. You got this!
Deep breaths. It’s ok. I’m here with you. You got this! /

The role of hard support is a heavy responsibility indeed. You’ll be expected to supplement your carries with consumables. You’ll also have to ward and counterward to give your team the best chance at controlling the map. This can lead many players to feeling dissatisfied in this role, and to be fair, mowing down heroes with a well-fed carry is a more visibly impactful role. But do not underestimate the hard carry. Position 5 often has one of the greatest effects on the early game. If you notice your team frequently suffers through this phase of gameplay, it’s likely your hard support could be doing something better.

Position 5, home of depression era mentality

Since position 5 funnels practically all income into items for rejuvenating teammates and warding for strategic sight advantage, these heroes are often level and item independent. In most games you play position 5, you’ll lane with your carry to keep him alive through the rough childhood that is early game for most carry heroes. You probably already know this, but you’re going to want your carry to get as many kills as possible while playing hard support. So don’t sweat it if you find yourself at a level disadvantage heading in to mid-game. If you’ve done your job well, your team will be well equipped to push all the way to victory.

And that's a little thing I like to call respawn.
And that’s a little thing I like to call respawn. /

Many position 5 heroes have disables that make them integral for ganks early game. And don’t think you’ll be able to sit back from the action in this role. Those disables I just talked about? It’s necessary you use them in escape plays when your teammates need saving. Remember, as a lower level and likely low-to-no kill hero, your death means less than your six kill farmed, top level carry.

What I’m saying is, position 5 is a lot like a game of poor man’s chicken. It can feel like you’re hopping in a shopping cart and tilting a tank. But if you do this right, you’ll notice a huge payoff mid- and late-game. So let’s get our top 10 list of position 5 heroes started with…

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