StarSeries S2: Day Two Recap

Eight teams, four matches - Day 2 of SLiL S2.
Eight teams, four matches - Day 2 of SLiL S2. /

We’re already halfway through the SL/i-League StarSeries S2. For those of you who couldn’t watch the day two matches, here’s our recap.

And it smells goooooood.
And it smells goooooood. /

Yesterday we saw eight teams face off, two teams in the upper bracket and two in the lower bracket. The UB games were of particular interest to myself and many other fans, as some of the strongest contenders of this tournament played against each other. Each of the matches were Bo3, and with the exception of EG vs Navi, all matches took all three games to decide the victor.

The breakdown

Navi vs EG

The games between Navi and EG were a whole lot more one-sided than I thought they’d be. I sure hope Sam Richards wasn’t watching, because she has this thing about games not being long enough. I only mention this because the second game of this round lasted a whopping 15 minutes. Both games were dominated by Navi, and hopefully this is a good indication for how the team will play in coming games.

Secret vs DC

Secret and DC seemed to be much more evenly matched. The first game was decisively in favor of DC, the second game belonged to Secret. The third game had some awesomely nasty action, and I highly recommend you watch it in full. It even looked for a little bit there like DC could have taken it, but Arteezy’s Alchemist turned out to be impossible for them to overcome.

Fnatic vs CDEC Youth

Game one of Fnatic vs CDEC.Y made me hopeful that this matchup would be a more riveting viewing experience. It took CDEC.Y half the game to wrest control from Fnatic, but after that the Fnatic’s heroes kept falling like bowling pins in an earthquake zone. The following two games saw Fnatic rally to soundly dispatch CDEC.Y.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. vs CompLexity

Last, but definitely not least, FRIENDS vs CompLexity. This was a pairing I really enjoyed. Game one I was almost certain that CoL had it, but a tragic endgame teamfight and some real solid cohesion on FRIENDS’ part turned things around, resulting in a victory for FRIENDS. Game two started off alright, but a little before the 10 minute mark things started swinging in favor of CoL. Hard. Game three was another turnaround, with CoL seeming to be in control until about 30 minutes in. That’s when every single hero on CoL’s team was slaughtered. They couldn’t quite recover, and FRIENDS took the match.

Highlight all the things!
Highlight all the things! /

The Games

The first three videos below are highlights reels. They should give you enough of a feel for the games so you can pick and choose which you want to invest your time watching. The fourth vid is game three of that match. I singled this one out because I felt like the turnaround deserved the spotlight. Also, I really wasn’t expected FRIENDS to come out on top.

Navi vs Evil Geniuses

Secret vs Digital Chaos

Fnatic vs CDEC Youth

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. vs CompLexity

Stay tuned for more on SLS2

We’ll be posting the results from StarLadder i-League StarSeries S2 tomorrow as they happen live. I don’t know about you, but I’m hopeful that Navi manages to make it to the grand finals. But even if they don’t, their game against Team Secret later today should be interesting.

We shall see what comes to pass.

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