Top 10 Position 4 (farming support) Heroes

Our top 10 list of position 4 heroes.Image used with permission by mugenmcfugen @
Our top 10 list of position 4 heroes.Image used with permission by mugenmcfugen @ /
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5. Silencer

One of the few heroes with the ability to steal stat points from the foes that fall nearby, this makes Silencer one hero that continues getting stronger as long as there’s intelligence left to steal. A Null Talisman early on gives his Glaives of Wisdom a little extra hurtin’, and a Wand can help him stick it out in lane until he’s a damage dealing machine.

It's not like they were using it, so you might as well take it for yourself.
It’s not like they were using it, so you might as well take it for yourself. /

High winrate items on Silencer:

  • Moon Shard (80.98%)
  • Shiva’s Guard (76.40
  • Assault Cuirass (76.38%)
  • Guardian Greaves (73.92%)
  • Refresher Orb (72.93%)
  • Scythe of Vyse (72.12%)
  • Linken’s Sphere (71.67%)

4. Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit has enjoyed a great deal of popularity this TI6 tournament season. His versatility on the field make him a coveted pick among the pros, and should you master his Stone Remnants and geomagnetic powers, he’ll serve you well, too. Wand and Bottle are great early game items for him, and Force Staff and Urn of Shadows are a strong choice for his core build.

High winrate items on Earth Spirit:

  • Aghanim’s Scepter (63.11%)
  • Pipe of Insight (60.10%)
  • Blink Dagger (59.99%)
  • Black King Bar (59.13%)
  • Eul’s (59.01%)
  • Heaven’s Halberd (57.21%)
  • Aether Lens (56.75%)

3. Enigma

Depending on how you choose to play this hero, there are many different builds you can make use of. He’s one of the best for turning the creep in the jungle into sweet, sweet gold. With Demonic Conversion, he can farm without taking damage until he gets a Blink Dagger and then pop into lane for a kill with Blackhole. Wicked sick.

I've been trying to read his mind and I keep gettin' nothing...
I’ve been trying to read his mind and I keep gettin’ nothing… /

High winrate items on Enigma:

  • Octarine Core (75.85%)
  • Shiva’s Guard (74.90%)
  • Radiance (69.12%)
  • Guardian Greaves (68.31%)
  • Refresher Orb (67.13%)
  • Aghanim’s Scepter (63.50%)
  • Ghost Scepter (62.27%)

2. Bounty Hunter

Oh BH, how you make me sweat when playing against you. When filling the position 4 role, he’s a hero that can fly under the radar until he’s ready to materialize from windwalk and claim a kill. Early game items that work well on BH include Poor Man’s Shield, Urn of Shadows, and the ever important Bottle. After all, rune in the bottle is worth two in the bush.

High winrate items on Bounty Hunter:

  • Eye of Skadi (75.49%)
  • Assault Cuirass (71.54%)
  • Heart of the Tarrasque (71.33%)
  • Ethereal Blade (71.11%)
  • Abyssal Blade (70.09%)
  • Butterfly (68.98%)
  • Scythe of Vyse (69.88%)

1. Abaddon

This is a hero that seems almost obsessed with control over life and death. Think about it. Mist Coil can heal or harm, Aphotic Shield protects from damage until it takes too much and then explodes in your enemies’ faces, and Borrowed Time can give you the precious seconds you need to either beat trails or gut your opponents. Wand, Ring of the Basilius, and Soul Ring are solid early game items. Aside from that, build to make him as unkillable as possible. It’s what he’s good at.

Unless you murder us all before we can do anything about it.
That bloodthirsty toddler is threatening that manatee for real. /

High winrate items on Abaddon:

  • Moon Shard (81.89%)
  • Eye of Skadi (76.13%)
  • Radiance (75.18%)
  • Assault Cuirass (74.56%)
  • Abyssal Blade (73.80%)
  • Heart of the Tarrasque (72.63%)
  • Guardian Greaves (71.56%)

Honorable Mentions


This list would feel incomplete without Chen in it. When casting our ballots for this top ten list, Chen unfortunately didn’t score high enough to make it, but he’s classic position 4 material. With Penitence, Chen has incredible potential as a nuker, and if coordinating this ability with the nukes of your teammates, you can pretty much ensure a kill. Pop out of da woods with your brainwashed creep, unload the damage, and profit. Items that benefit your brainwashed creep, like Mekansm, Ring of Basilius, Vlad’s, and Drums, should be considered.

High winrate items on Chen:

  • Necronomicon (66.19%)
  • Scythe of Vyse (65.40%)
  • Guardian Greaves (60.71%)
  • Aghanim’s Scepter (59.76%)
  • Drum of Endurance (59.20%)
  • Vlad’s Offering (57.74%)
  • Dagon (51.39%)

Skywrath Mage

An adept nuker with both silence and slow abilities, Skywrath can emerge from the jungle to shut down the hero you’re laning against. The magic amplification of Ancient Seal optimizes his gank potential, especially when coordinating attacks with other nuke strong heroes. Rod of Atos, Wand, and a Null Talisman are common early items. Any intel stat buffs you can get in the beginning will give his Arcane Bolt more ouchie oomph.

Said every DOTA player ever.
Said every DOTA player ever. /

High winrate items on Skywrath:

  • Octarine Core (72.56%)
  • Shiva’s Guard (69.32%)
  • Guardian Greaves (66.15%)
  • Scythe of Vyse (65.55%)
  • Bloodstone (65.07%)
  • Ethereal Blade (65.04%)
  • Aghanim’s Scepter (58.38%)

That’s it for our top 10 list of position 4 heroes.

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