Top 10 Position 4 (farming support) Heroes

Our top 10 list of position 4 heroes.Image used with permission by mugenmcfugen @
Our top 10 list of position 4 heroes.Image used with permission by mugenmcfugen @ /
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10. Techies

Techies are a hero people love to hate, if only for the underhanded trickiness of their Remote Mines. Well, there’s Suicide Sqaud Attack, too. And the Stasis Traps… and the normal Mines. Ok, so I guess everything about Techies is pretty obnoxious when you’re playing against them. It’s generally accepted that if a game goes long enough and the person playing techies knows what he’s doing, the explosive defenses of techies will be nigh impenetrable.

Tina is the social equivalent of Techies.
Tina is the social equivalent of Techies. /

High winrate items on Techies:

  • Octarine Core (62.97%)
  • Bloodstone (62.49%)
  • Scythe of Vyse (61.23%)
  • Necronomicon (56.75%)
  • Aghanim’s Scepter (56.66%)
  • Aether Lens (53.97%)
  • Blink Dagger (52.95%)

9. Visage

Visage the Necro’lic is a high utility hero, but his ability to shrug off damage with Gravekeeper’s Cloak and spawn his own army of Familiars make him a potent position 4 choice. What’s more, Grave Chill’s slow has great gank potential, and the damage incurred to enemy heroes will only make you more deadly with Soul Assumption.

High winrate items on Visage:

  • Shiva’s Guard (66.93%)
  • Assault Cuirass (66.00%)
  • Heart of the Tarrasque (64.27%)
  • Scythe of Vyse (62.02%)
  • Guardian Greaves (60.58%)
  • Aghanim’s Scepter (58.48%)
  • Mjollnir (58.21%)
  • Solar Crest (57.67%)
  • Rod of Atos (56.69%)

8. Wraith King

You’d expect a king of spirits to be less substantive, but Wraith King is a solid selection for position 4. And I mean solid. He’s a tank among tanks, partially because his unholy devotion raises him from the dead with the ability Reincarnation. Early game you might want to consider a Magic Wand. Depending on the situation, Urn of Shadows, Soul Ring, and Vlad’s can also be strong choices for Wraith King.

Conclusion: you're soul is mine.
It was a strong thesis, but it didn’t pass peer review. /

High winrate items on Wraith King:

  • Moon Shard (80.82%)
  • Abyssal Blade (77.73%)
  • Assault Cuirass (75.63%)
  • Heart of the Tarrasque (74.60%)
  • Radiance (74.20%)
  • Aghanim’s Scepter (73.04%)
  • Monkey King Bar (72.05%)
  • Mjollnir (71.46%)

7. Shadow Shaman

They call him the “Shadow” Shaman, but the electric appearance of his abilities Ether Shock and Shackles seem to indicate he’s more a shaman of… something else. Heck, even his Serpent Wards glow! Early game, you might find a Wand or Bracer useful. But really, this guy’s a bruiser no matter how you look at it.

High winrate items on Shadow Shaman:

  • Refresher Orb (70.37%)
  • Bloodstone (69.48%)
  • Guardian Greeves (69.41%)
  • Necronomicon (67.41%)
  • Aghanim’s Scepter (63.82%)
  • Aether Lens (59.41%)
  • Eul’s (57.70%)

6. Mirana

This hero is another hero with a great deal of flex to her. Sacred Arrow, if you can land it, is great for initiation. Starstorm gives her excellent creeping ability, though with the fourth highest attack speed growth in the game, in a few levels her arrows will do most of the work for you. Some might notice that we’ve left Manta Style off our list of high winrate items below. Situationally, we consider this item a strong choice on Mirana, but we thought you’d guys like some highly rated options different from the mainline builds.

Uh... yes?
Uh… yes? Stop looking at me like a psychopath. /

High winrate items on Mirana:

  • Moon Shard (82.97%)
  • Butterfly (74.68%)
  • Eye of Skadi (74.35%)
  • Ethereal Blade (71.52%)
  • Guardian Greaves (70.85%)
  • Dagon (70.16%)
  • Daedalus (68.20%)
  • Monkey King Bar (67.88%)
  • Desolator (67.86%)

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