Top 10 Position 4 (farming support) Heroes

Our top 10 list of position 4 heroes.Image used with permission by mugenmcfugen @
Our top 10 list of position 4 heroes.Image used with permission by mugenmcfugen @ /
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Position 4, the farming support, is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the role of hard support. Have no fear, DireDota HQ has put together a list of the top 10 heroes to help in your quest to be the very best position 4 player.

The heroes generally suited for position 4 will have a skillset that allows them to get by with less gold than main lane heroes. They’ll also need staying power while on the prowl. Players, on the other hand, will need a strong understanding of how to jungle effectively, as well as solid awareness of enemy hero positioning and sight. It wouldn’t hurt if you have strong micro-ing skills, as these frequently play a part in position 4 heroes’ skillset.

The items in your inventory are the biggest difference between a farming support hero and a hard support. Sure, it’s likely you’ll need to dip into your meager gold reserves to assist the hard support with wards, Smoke of Deceit, or Dust of Appearance at some point. But since your hard support should be shouldering most of this burden, you’ll still have a few gold coins to jingling around in your coin purse to purchase some luxuries.

The motto of every support player out there.
The motto of every support player out there. /

Poverished, but not impoverished 

With what gold you have left, position 4 players will often purchase items like Urn of Shadows, Force Staff, Medallion of Courage, Glimmer Cape, Rod of Atos, or Guardian Greaves. However, for heroes more support oriented, or in games where your hard support has difficulty getting their economy rolling, building mid-game support items, like Drums or Pipe, is not uncommon.

Hero awareness, especially early game, will determine whether or not you’re in position to help mid or near lane score kills. As position 4, you’ll also be a key player in successful early pushes, harassment, and tier 1 tower razing. So keep one eye on that mini-map at all times.

So now that we’re on the same page for position 4, let’s start off our list of top farming support heroes with…

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