Navi Tumbles off Summit 5

Game two of the small finals with Navi getting ready to submit to Liquid (youtube screencap)
Game two of the small finals with Navi getting ready to submit to Liquid (youtube screencap) /

Navi gets washed out in two straight matches as the tidal wave of Team Liquid surges in the direction of the grand finals of Summit 5.

Summit 5 has really impressed me. I didn’t get a chance to follow it last season, so I didn’t quite know what to expect heading into it. The participating teams are some of the best names in DOTA, except (in my opinion) for FDL. Sorry guys! I love ya, but I feel like you were a little out of your depth here.

High ground is your only hope.
High ground is your only hope. /

The matches that have been played have given me an awful lot to think about. There’s the madness of Wings Gaming’s meta defiance, OG’s initial strong showing which terminated in a 2 – 0 loss to Wings in the winner’s finals, and perhaps most upsettingly, Navi’s recent crushing loss to Team Liquid.

Where were your water wings, Navi?

I’m well aware of Team Liquid’s talent. But also, they’ve been performing well in this tournament. Not even Wings, who’ve been playing super strong DOTA lately, could win out against Liquid without taking a loss. But I’d like to point out that Navi also bloodied Wings’ nose in their first match of the tournament in the Bo3 quarterfinals which saw Navi lose to Wings 2 – 1.

Navi was doing very well in the loser’s bracket, but they eventually stalled out in their fight to the top. Both games against Liquid barely exceeded 20 minutes. It was a little hard to watch. In the first game, Navi could only manage 5 kills the entire game to Liquid’s 26. The second game was a little better, with Navi scoring 8 kills to Liquid’s 25. Still pretty bad, guys.

If you want to feel better about yourself, check out the highlights below.

High hopes lead to dashed expectations

After going 1 -2 against Wings and winning out against both Ad Finem and Fnatic in the loser’s bracket, I expected more from Navi in this round. Heading into TI6, you want to see teams getting better, tightening up their strategies, inventing new ways of overcoming weak points – but here I just saw Navi drowning. After the first few minutes in both games, it was obvious to me how things would turn out.

I just hope that TI6 doesn’t go similarly for Navi.

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