How Will Abyssal Underlord Be Played?

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Off Lane and Support

Off Lane

This is where I think you’re most likely to see Abyssal Underlord. His skill set really shines in position 3. Firestorm allows him to nuke down creep waves from relative safety, and Pit of Malice gives him a deterrent for when heroes get too close to the tower. This will allow the Underlord to gain  experience and gold without having to rely on a gank to keep the pressure off.

One of these strollers is better suited for the offlane.
One of these strollers is better suited for the offlane. I’ll let you decide which. /

Solo lane experience also means he’ll be on the fast track to level 6 and the map-hopping goodness of Dark Rift. At that point, he can roam with impunity and drag allied heroes along with him through the Rift to make major cross-map plays.

Atrophy Aura bonus damage also works well in this role. As long as he jockeys for position close enough to the dying creep, they’ll fall under Atrophy Aura giving him some nice bonus damage. If used effectively with his abilities, this could be a serious threat to squishy supports and carries foolish enough to underestimate him in lane.


We got fun and games!
We got fun and games! /

Right, as I mentioned, unless some serious changes occur to his skillset before his release, Abyssal Underlord’s abilities will most likely scale independently from items. However, if there’s anything I’ve learned from playing old school Pit Lord, he does need experience to stay relevant. He only has one disable skill, and his ability to bolster teammates is pretty limited. So, I guess what I’m saying is he’s not your obvious go-to for support.

A position 5 hard support role seems to be a little bit beyond where his strengths lie. However, I like how a greedier position 4 (roamer/jungler) looks on him. He would literally be the master of guerrilla tactics, popping out of the jungle to Dark Rift himself and the heroes around him for a gank on the other side of the map.

That’s where I’m putting my money, and you can be sure that position 4 is the first role I’m going to try Abyssal out in.

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