EHOME Loses its Cool in the Nanyang Qualifiers

Is it Goliath vs David or Goliath vs a drunken chipmunk? Hint: it's not David.Image used with permission by trungth @
Is it Goliath vs David or Goliath vs a drunken chipmunk? Hint: it's not David.Image used with permission by trungth @ /

After losing to Vici Gaming Reborn in a 12 minute game in the Nanyang Chinese qualifiers, EHOME forfeits their second match.

Do you ever doubt yourself sometimes? I’m seriously asking, because as the designated mystic and DOTA oracle here at DireDota HQI don’t. Some of you may have scoffed at my predictions for the TI6 wildcard as being premature, but holy hot air balloons, doesn’t this shoe seem to fit?

Not if he put a ring on it. Girl's stuck with him.
Not if he put a ring on it. Girl’s stuck with him. /

Jeeze, guys, have a little dignity for Eul’s sake. Even if the game was a thrash down in China town, you are a professional team – emphasis on professional. That 22 – 5 kill rating in favor of your opponent should have sparked some mighty, vengeful rage on your part. Ain’t nobody gonna make a comeback with a forfeit.

Go on, Leo. Tell 'em.
Go on, Leo. Tell ’em. /

Insulated unto death

I saw a post, which I’m going to treat seriously even though I read it as sarcastic, offering the possibility that EHOME threw this game in order to head into the wildcards underestimated by other teams. But you know what? With so much money riding on the line, EHOME could have collectively curled into the fetal position and cried for their mothers and I still think the other teams would have diligently prepared for their matchups against them.

This game signifies to me what I’ve already discussed at length with other writers here at DireDota HQ about the Chinese circuit. No doubt, they’re good. They’re regimented. They have tons of play time under their belts. But remember that boy in the bubble?

As you should, Zoidberg. As you should.
As you should, Zoidberg. As you should. /

You run up against this in other competitive strategic sports, like Chess, where unorthodox moves foil computing monstrosities and masters alike. DOTA has innumerable variables to take into account, and when you’re consistently trained to think along certain lines and combat popular playstyles in your region, the innovation of other teams is going hurt you.

Take a look at just how badly it hurt EHOME in the video below (spoiler – it’s BAD):

Real talk from Madam Richards’ prognostication parlor

This does not, I think, spell ruin for EHOME in the long term, or even take them out of the running as a wildcard. Do I think they’re going to win a seat at the TI6 table as a wildcard? Heck no! I’m psychic, remember? What good is a psychic if she doesn’t stick by her predictions?

This does cast aspersions on other budding hopefuls in the Chinese pro circuit and is an obvious blow to EHOME’s morale heading into some of their most important matchups of this year. But only time will tell just how things turn out for this team.

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