Rest Easy Old Friend: Kaipi Out of the Running for TI6

You shall not paaaaaaaaaass!
You shall not paaaaaaaaaass! /

Crowd favorite, Kaipi, was eliminated from the Europe OQs in the round of 32 of the #2 bracket. Fans lament the loss.

I think it was SingSing’s siren’s song on twitch way back in 2012 that first captured my interest in the pro-circuit of DOTA. I had just returned to the states from a stint abroad. I was lost. I was still readjusting to life back in my homeland. And then a friend of mine recommended I get back into DOTA by watching a blustery fellow stream from the Netherlands.

If it's cool for Batman to cry...
If it’s cool for Batman to cry… /

Ever since March 14th, when SingSing rejoined Kaipi as what I can only assume was a late birthday present to me (March 12th, mark it on your calendars), I’ve been avidly following the team. Now that they’re out of the running, what can I say? No words can convey what I feel, and no emotions seem good enough.

When Kaipi lost to Global Challengers in the round of 16 of the Europe #1 bracket, I still had hope. Also, the loss wasn’t so bitter, seeing as how Global had over a hundred rated games and an impressive winrating at 76%. There wasn’t any shame in that kind of loss, was there? And there was still the #2 bracket to look forward to, right?

At least this time I was.
At least this time I was. Don’t get used to it. /

I’ve seen a couple posts on Reddit and in the forums giving bOne7 mad heat for under performing in the OQs. I’m not going to defend him, but I’d like to point out that the DOTA pro-circuit is much vaster than a lot of us truly comprehend. The digital nature of esports and competitive gaming creates a lot of complications you’d never see in conventional sports. Take, for example, Blitz’s 4 AM start time for the  first round of Vegetables Esports Club in the OQs.

Screw the coffee
Screw the coffee. I’m going back to bed. /

Am I disappointed that Kaipi isn’t going to make an appearance at TI6 this year? Sure I am. But as much as I wish Kaipi had pulled through to TI6, the turbulent nature of the OQs is part of what I love so much about TI season.

Kaipi, you’ll be missed this year. For now, rest easy. I’ll be cheering for you next time around, too.

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