Top 5 Supports in 6.87d


These Supports Are Your Best Bet for Victory in 6.87d

Patch 6.87d has been an exciting one, featuring a large variety of power picks and a meta-game that is still evolving. While lumbering Armlet carries and Echo Sabre holders two-shotting everyone in sight take a lot of the glory, teams are as reliant as ever on good supports to take down the enemy Ancient. Here are the best support options in 6.87d!

5: Omniknight 

If you want the best shot at winning your public matchmaking games, you can stop right here. Omniknight is the undisputed king of pub games this patch, just like he is pretty much every other patch. Lately, Omni is topping out above at a pub winrate above 60%, the only hero to hit that mark. Omniknight isn’t quite so successful at the top levels of play, but unless you’re trying out for EG he’s solid pick in almost any game.

4: Enigma

On the other hand, Enigma is rolling over mortals in pro games with a 64% competitive winrate, the highest of any support. His winrate in public games is above average but not quite as high. Enigma takes a little bit of practice and dedication, as getting the most out of the jungle and then transitioning out to help your team isn’t always a straightforward process, but the effort is worth it. Powerful pushing ability and a teamfight deciding ultimate make Enigma a great support hero.

3: Ancient Apparition

Lifestealer, Alchemist, Slark, and a variety of Armlet builders are all popular picks in 6.87d, and Ancient Apparition absolutely shuts these heroes down. His buffs in 6.87 gave him a boost in terms of effectiveness, but he was already an underrated hero. Work on your aim and practice farming up your Agh’s in between ward buys, and watch the enemy team start shattering under your icy grasp.

2: Jakiro

Jakiro has quietly become one of the most effective supports in the game in 6.87d. A top-5 winrate support in public games and a 60% winrate in competitive place him pretty much on top of the Dota support pile. His ability to lock down, kite, and wear down beefy immobile carries makes him a good pick for the patch, and his strength in push towers always makes him worth a pick consideration.

1: Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden gets the job done in 6.87d. Her winrates in pubs and pro games aren’t incredible, they’re both just very high. She’s good at locking down popular melee carries with her stun and slow, while her aura helps out allies with limited mana pools across the map. Her ultimate is as strong as ever, and letting it go in the right position can wipe an enemy team. For a reliably solid support that does a great job of helping her team with the game, you can’t go wrong with CM.