Top 5 Offlaners in 6.87d

Credit: YouTube/ScrubLifeGamers
Credit: YouTube/ScrubLifeGamers /

These Offlaners Can Shut Down Carries and Dominate The Game in 6.87d

The offlane is a notoriously difficult position to play in Dota 2. Though we may have moved on from days of the “suicide lane,” 6.87d is full of perils for solo heroes trying to stand up to farming carries and their supports. These are the offlaners who can not only survive, but thrive in the most hazardous of positions.

5: Axe

The screaming red behemoth got some nice buffs in 6.87. Counter Helix now deals pure damage, and Blade Mail now returns damage before reductions which makes it synergize beautifully with Berserker’s Call. Axe is great at making life difficult for melee carries that dare to step into lane against him, and melee heroes are all the rage right now.

4: Tidehunter

The old, reliable watermelon is as solid a pick as ever. Tide has a consistently positive winrate in both public matchmaking and pro play. Kraken’s Shell and Anchor Smash still do a great job of keeping Tide in lane disrupting carries’ farm, and nobody is going to turn down having a Ravage in a teamfight.

3: Dark Seer

Like Tide, Dark Seer is a hero you can count on. Ion Shell guarantees Dark Seer farm and keeps pressure on his enemies at the same time. With safelane melee farmers like Lifestealer and Slark running around every game, Dark Seer can really put the hurt on. Life Tide’s Ravage, the power of the Vacuum into Wall of Replica can’t be overstated.

2: Clockwork

The last in our trio of historically safe offlaners, Clockwork has been holding his own in the offlane like, well, clockwork. The change to Clock’s cog layout in 6.87 seems to have worked out well for the little electric guy, as he boasts a 55% winrate in pro play. Clockwork is another hero that benefits in a big way from the buffs to Blade Mail, as he locks in enemies into a series of cog cagematches.

1: Slardar

Slardar is a fresher face in the offlane, only having seen regular play in this role for less than a year now. The big fish’s model may be stale, but it looks like his success in the offlane is just getting started. Popular melee carries are vulnerable to the short-ranged Slithereen Crush, and Amplify Damage helps burst down beefy dudes like Alchemist. Once he gets his requisite mobility items, Slardar can take advantage of 6.87d power items like Echo Sabre and the buffed Armlet of Mordiggian. For now, Slardar is king of the offlaners.