TI6 Battle Pass Immortals Ranking: Treasure 1


The International 2016 Battle Pass is here, and with it a new batch of our favorite hats: Immortal Treasures! There will ultimately be three Immortal Treasures released, containing a bevy of shiny skins, but so far all we’ve got is the 1st. Here’s a rundown of my rankings for this new hats. For a look at these items and their custom effects, scroll a little more than halfway down Valve’s Battle Pass page.

8: Timbersaw, Controlled Burn

It’s a testament to the quality of these Immortals that I still think this lowest ranked one is pretty good. Unfortunately, Timbersaw just has too many sets to make this a priority equippable. The effect on Timberchain is likewise cool but not overly exciting, as it appears to be a fairly straight recycling of “burning” effects used previously by heroes like Phoenix and existing items for Shadowfiend and Earthshaker. It’s a nice looking item that fits well with a couple of Timber’s numerous sets, but not one that feels particularly necessary to have.

7: Weaver, Crimson Peak

Weaver’s Immortal headpiece is very pretty, but has some questionable execution holding it back. The pink aura and sparkling energy effects add nicely to Weaver’s look as he scampers around the map, but constantly cascading dots of light look distractingly like a 90’s movie theater marquee. The effect on Shukuchi is neat, but it’s worth less because your opponents won’t be seeing it  much of the time. Plus, this is admittedly a scrub problem, but I don’t want my middle-of-the-lane Shukuchi activations to be more obvious to my enemies.

6: Phoenix, Solar Forge

The big metal faceplate certainly stands out on the firebird. I predict that this headpiece will be divisive, as far as whether players like its look, but it’s a great get for fans who think it adds to Phoenix’s fiery ambiance. The effect on Sunray is a little hokey, and I’d like to see something with more thematic pizzaz, especially on a Rare treasure drop which also happens to be Phoenix’s very first equippable item ever.

5: Phantom Lancer, Phantom Concord

This custom lance looks great, especially when you get a whole crowd of Lancers whacking away while its energy flares. I’m not a huge fan of the effect on Spirit Lance, but the base Immortal is easily good enough to be worth the equip no matter what other cosmetics you’re running.

4: Omniknight, Adoring Winfall

This is a beautiful hammer for Omni, with a real humdinger of a custom effect on Purification. Some players aren’t real big on flashy effects that alter the standard look of a spell, and this item is definitely not for them. However, if you’re the kind of player who wants a giant circle of golden hammers to whirl around your heal target, then boy howdy is this the Immortal for you.

3: Enchantress, Virga’s Arc

This is one of those Immortals that will start to make you feel strange when you see a player without it. The rainbow on Impetus looks like it could believably be the standard effect for the spell, though it’s still flashy enough to make it exciting. The subtle rainbow radiation on the spear looks nice as well. I definitely think this will become a go-to equip for pro Enchantress players and everyone else lucky enough to grab this from a Battle Pass or able to pick one up on the Marketplace.

2: Juggernaut, Forturne’s Tout

OMG, it’s one of those little waving lucky cats! SO CUTE.

If you thought healing ward was a frustrating nuisance to kill in a skirmish before, just wait till you have this little guy waving in your face every time he’s up.

1: Juggernaut, Golden Fortune’s Tout

This is a lot like the regular Fortune’s Tout, but it’s gold, so it’s better. So sparkly! The only downside is the difficulty I will have fighting the urge to zoom in and watch his calming, lucky aura radiating while I’m trying to farm or push.

Not Ranked: Faceless Void, Mace of Aeons

I can’t rank this, because it’s basically unusable right now. The geodesic dome effect on Chronosphere is too opaque, and denies you vision of your own targets. However, once Valve gets around to fixing this it will top-tier Immortal worthy of its Ultra Rare distinction.