TI6 Battle Pass Immortal Treasure 2 & 3 Predictions


What hero will get an Immortal next? We’ve put together some predictions for battle pass treasures 2 & 3.

Battle Pass Immortals are here! We’ve already had a crack at the cosmetics released with Immortal Treasure 1. Here are our predictions for what’s coming in Treasures 2 and 3, based off of the teaser images on Valve’s International 2016 Battle Pass page.

 Immortal Treasure 2

Left Hero: Lone Druid

Level of Certainty: Low

Hazy, you say? I can work with that.
Hazy, you say? I can work with that. /

This looks like a silhouette of Lone Druid in True Form. Details on the appearance of this Immortal are shrouded in mystery. Even if that is Lone Druid’s head, it looks like it might be a softer, more cartoony look for him. This could also be a different hero arranged to lead us astray in our predictions, but probably a “large,” sturdily built one.

Center Hero: Lich

A mournful song plays whenever you attack move.
A mournful song plays whenever you attack move. /

Level of Certainty: High

This definitely looks like a Lich Immortal to me, and one that doesn’t depart much from his standard silhouette, either. It could be a round-headed Spectre or a very Lich-like Oracle skin, but that seems like  a stretch.

Right Hero: Bane

Level of Certainty: Very High

Hello, Bane? Yes, I'd like to put in an order for usurpation and general havoc.
Straight from the horse’s mouth, kids! /

This is almost certainly Bane. A bane Immortal has plenty of spookiness potential, which could add to his overall awesomely unsettling appearance. I’m pretty excited to see what it’ll look like when it’s unveiled. Is that something growing out of his back? Maybe a nightmare, like Zappa from the Guilty Gear series.

Immortal Treasure 3

Left Hero: Queen of Pain

I say we let her have her cosmetics.
I say we let her have her cosmetics. /

Level of Certainty: Medium-high

I have a strong feeling this is Queen of Pain, though that disappoints me a bit given she already has an Immortal (Bloodfeather Wings, from DAC 2015), as well an overabundance of other cosmetics. The silhouette almost looks like it could be Enchantress, less the back half, but that seems impossible given the doe already received an Immortal this Battle Pass. It also could be Luna, showing her off of her mount, though this seems very unlikely.

Center Hero: Shadow Fiend

And neither, apparently, can Valve.
And neither, apparently, can Valve. /

Level of Certainty: High

Another repeat Immortal? What’s the deal, Valve!? This would be the second straight TI to grant Shadowfiend an Immortal. There is a chance this could be a very aggressive looking Shadow Demon cosmetic instead, which would be an awesome change of pace, let’s be real – I won’t be too disappointed either way. Can’t help it if I like playing Shadow Fiend.

Right Hero: Bounty Hunter

I was more hoping for the Spike Spegal or Faye Valentine kind of BH...
I was more hoping for the Spike Spegal or Faye Valentine kind of BH… /

Level of Certainty: Medium

Our first instinct was to call this a Dark Seer item, which would be a repeat Battle Pass skin after his Winter Mythical Forgotten Tactition Set, but the handle the silhouette is grasping gives this one away. This still could be a very weird looking Riki cosmetic, too, but smart money is on Bounty.

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