Top Heroes in 6.87 Competitive Play

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Lion and Doom Top Heroes by Pick Rate This Patch

Patch 6.87 was released at the end of April. The patch significantly shook up competitive play, and while the competitive meta-game is still taking shape, a core of top heroes have emerged as definitely strong and reliable picks. This list covers the top 10 heroes by pick rate in competitive play since the advent of 6.87. Note that this counts only games played through Dreamleague, meaning it does not account for patch 6.87d. While that update did include nerfs to a number of these heroes, none of the changes were too devastating, and these top heroes should all remain strong picks.

10. Invoker

Despite an ongoing barrage of nerfs sent Invoker’s way since he was the number one pick early in 6.86, Invoker is still a flexible mid lane hero who can make huge plays.

9. Earth Spirit

Another frequent nerf recipient, Earth Spirit has had skills weakened in nearly every patch since his induction to the game. His strong ganking and teamfight capabilities make Earth Spirit a go-to support pick for players talented enough to pilot the hero and place stones in the right spots.

8. Disruptor

Buffs to several heroes and items made heavy hitting Strength carries the flavor of the patch in 6.87. This indirectly has made Disruptor a game-changing support, as his positioning control skills ruin kite-able Strength carries’ day.

7. Slardar

Slardar is a poster hero for the benefits of the item changes in patch 6.87. The buffed Armlet of Modiggian lets Slardar fight longer and harder in the thick of things, while the newly forged Echo Sabre gives him extra burst and more chances to Bash his opponents senseless.

6. Vengeful Spirit

Venge is a reliable pick in most metas, and she continues to be strong now. Her ability to reposition heroes with her ult and melt armor with Wave of Terror make her extra effective as the trendy Strength carries of 6.87 clash.

5. Dark Seer

Another “standard” reliable pick, Dark Seer is especially effective in the offlane against the melee cores that have been popular lately.

4. Beastmaster

Damage type changes in 6.87 made Beastmaster a terrifyingly fast farmer in the jungle. Beastmaster starting off with an Iron Talon and emerging mere minutes later with full Necro-books has become a recurring scene in competitive games.

3. Witch Doctor

There’s not any one reason that Witch Doctor is so popular right now; he’s just a good hero. Voodoo Restoration is a strong pushing and supportive skill, and the trio of Paralyzing Cask, Maledict, and Death Ward make Witch Doctor scary when laning, ganking, or teamfighting.

2. Doom

Doom will always be picked some time, some where for his ability to Doom people. Lately he’s been omnipresent in the jungle as a position 4, popping out to wreck one person’s day with his ult or showing up to gank or turn a fight with Scorched Earth.

1. Lion

Lion’s double disable skill set and his hero-frying Finger of Death make him a good pick in every game. Recent changes in 6.87d give him a little less mana to work with early on, but you can expect him to still get drafted quite frequently.

Hero pick rates were gathered from GosuGamers.