Top Winrate Heroes in 6.87 Competitive Play


Unexpected Hero Picks Top the Winrate Charts for 6.87 Competitive Games

Every patch there are heroes that swing games heavily in their teams’ favor. Patch 6.87 has given us a new batch of high winrate heroes that have been dominating the competitive scene. Our list includes heroes in competitive play from the launch of 6.87 through Dreamleague. While this does predate patch 6.87d and its array of nerfs, almost none of the heroes on this list are affected by the recent changes, and their winrate numbers should stay high unless the meta-game changes dramatically. Check out these competitive stompers, and see how they work out in your own games!

10. Nyx Assassin

Nyx Nyx Nyx! Nyx Assassin had his health regeneration rate buffed in 6.87, which helps him hang around in the offlane or roam longer without returning to the fountain. The high number of Invoker picks still popping up in competitive games are keeping Nyx players nice and fed.

9. Tidehunter

All of the farming Svens, Lifestealers, and Slarks have made the offlane a scary place to be. Tidehunter can shrug off an aggressive lane’s assaults with Kraken Shell, and Anchor Smash opposing melee cores into submission. Not to mention, there’s always a good time for a Ravage in a teamfight.

8. Ursa

One would think that with reduced benefits from early Roshan kills Ursa would be hurting, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. This patch has seen a lot of beefy cores swinging at each other, and nobody man-fights one-on-one better than Ursa.

7. Wraith King

Wraith King benefits from both the buffs to Armlet of Mordiggian and the introduction of Echo Sabre. Echo Sabre helps with Wraith King’s troublesome mana management issues, and lets him swing twice for an extra shot at a big crit. A Wraith King carry who gets ahead is always scary, and with new itemization from 6.87 getting ahead is a much more doable prospect.

6. Lycan

Apparently pushing is strong in 6.87. How do I know? Because the trio of heroes beginning with Lycan are all pushing machines. Lycan’s ability to take Barracks or even end the game off of a big teamfight win make him a terrifying opponent to match up against.

5. Beastmaster

If pushing is good, Beastmaster is sure to be a hot commodity. Beastmaster is extra strong right now because changes to damage types in 6.87 let him clear the jungle at lightning speed with help from his boars. 6.87d did nerf Beastmaster’s menagerie a bit, but he is likely to remain strong nonetheless.

4. Drow Ranger

The last of our push monster triumvirate, Drow’s Precision Aura can give a whole team extra tower-melting power. Good Drow players have also been fairing well in fights against clunky Strength carries who have trouble closing distance in the face of her Gust and Frost Arrows.

3. Centaur Warrunner

Who? Centaur Warrunner has been picked far fewer times than any other hero on this list, making his inclusion perhaps dubious. Still, he’s undoubtedly strong right now after receiving buffs to the cooldown of Double Edge and the duration of Stampede.

2. Clinkz

Clinkz benefits from several of the new items. The amalgamation of Orchid and Crystalys in Bloodthorn seems tailor made to Clinkz need, but an even bigger impact comes from the introduction of Blight Stone. Blight Stone gives Clinkz an early power boost, and builds into the Desolater that every support-melting skeleton wants.

1. Ancient Apparition

When every game has an Armlet hero and Lifestealer and Alchemist are flavor of the month picks, AA is going to have a good time. This on top of buffs to Cold Feet that reduce cooldown and make it more effective against Blink carriers. It’s a good time to be a frosty nightmare.