Who Won Dreamleague Season 5?


Dreamleague Season 5 Wrapped up May 22nd. Who won Dreamleague?

OG won Dreamleague Season 5, beating Natus Vincere (Navi) three games to zero in the grand finals. This was OG’s second straight Dreamleague victory, as they took first place over Empire is Season 4 in November of last year. OG looked almost flawless in the Grand Finals, capitalizing on small lane advantageous and turning early fights to build unassailable leads. Miracle- lived up to his 9000 MMR reputation, putting up big plays in every game.

How They Got There

Both teams began the playoffs in the winners bracket. OG entered as the top seed due to their status as returning champions from Dreamleague Season 4. Navi won league play, finishing over No Diggity and Virtus.pro, amid fanfare of their storied return to competitive succes.

In the semi-finals, OG took down No Diggity and syndereN 2-1. Navi beat CIS region rivals Virtus.pro 2-1 in a classic series of knock down, drag out CIS Dota. OG beat Navi 2-1 in the Winners’ Final to send them into a rematch against Virtus.pro. The Losers’ Finals ended with identical results to Navi and VP’s first playoff bout, with Navi emerging victorious with a shot to face OG once again in the Grand Finals.

Star Players


No surprises here. OG is often criticized as being “Miracle- plus four,” and while the rest of his team might have shown up a big way this tournament, Miracle- didn’t slack off from his usual jaw-dropping play. Miracle- was truly great throughout the playoffs, but his very last game, as Timbersaw in Game 3 against Navi, was one of the best competitive showings on the hero of all time.


The OG position 5 support played out of his mind in the Grand Finals, in two games on Pheonix and one on Crystal Maiden. Fly managed to find farm and stay involved in kills in every single game, ending all three Grand Finals games with a net worth higher than Navi core heroes.


This isn’t just Navi fanfare: Dendi showed he is still a mid player to fear even as his team failed to take a game off OG in the Grand Finals. Dendi had a tough time on Puck in Game 1 (thanks in part to a very lucky Crit- Spirit Breaker), but put up impressive numbers even in defeat on Windranger and, especially, Mirana.